Support us by joining The Phluid Crew !

Since founding the group 21 years ago, Leo Paine has managed to keep Phluid Media, Records, FM and Vision 100% independent - funding everything from the Studios to the Servers, Production to Publishing, Events to Marketing, Equipment to Travel Costs and everything & anything in-between himself - delivering a wide and diverse range of free-to-access content across multiple mediums and platforms, with the only donations being those from family and friends.

Now you can help maintain that independence and even aid our growth by joining the Phluid Crew through making a donation via PayPal. No matter how little or large, every donation will be gratefully received and help towards producing new music and video content, events and promotions, maintaining and upgrading equipment & services and continuing to provide a platform for original new independent artists.

We hope to offer a donor-reward scheme, with tiers of rewards per-donatory amount soon - but for now:

  • Every donor's name shall be enshrined here as a member of the Phluid Crew and you'll also receive shout-outs and your name in the credits of our various live-streams and shows.
  • Once we launch the reward scheme, all donations matching any specified reward-tier shall be retro-actively fulfilled.

    The Phluid Crew

    #01 | Leo Paine (Basedriver) [Founder]
    #02 | Dom Brennan [Organ-Donor]
    #03 | Des Stanley (DJBunxMC) [Organ-Donor]
    #04 | Huw Edwards [Mega-Donor]
    #05 | Lyn Rajah [Super-Donor]
    #06 | Tom Lankester [Super-Donor]
    #07 | Sanjay Jaghoman [Rave-Caver]
    #08 | Steve Ellis [Rave-Caver]
    #09 | Johnathan Palmer [Rave-Caver]
    #10 | Paul Squance [Super-Donor]
    #11 | Andrew Llewellyn [Mega-Donor]
    #12 | Neil Walters (Wal) [Organ-Donor]
    #13 | Siege 22-7 [Mega-Donor]